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8 Bayview Rd, Ballycastle BT54 6BT, UK
Adult - €40.00
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The Bushmills Food Tour offers local, award winning food & drink in an often overlooked, pretty little village beside the Giant’s Causeway. Join our enthusiastic guide and take a stroll around Bushmills, going into 6 unique venues and being introduced to the passionate people who catch, grow, make and bake our truly delicious local food.

What sets Irish Feasts’ food experience apart is that we don't just walk round villages, breathing in the local air, pointing out little oddities you might not otherwise notice - our guides are foodie fanatics, historical nerds and completely unique story tellers! We put the past, present and future of food and drink in Ireland on your plate and encourage you to enjoy every last bite. Not that most of our guests need much encouragement!

Hear about local foods from the producers, chefs and shop owners themselves delve into the history and culture reflecting our coastline, countryside and love of a ‘good feed’. Then indulge in everything from goat bacon to hot toddy scones with drunken jam, from hot-smoked salmon on local wheaten bread to mouth watering, high class patisserie, from a pot of tea to a glass of whiskey, from a local ‘poke of chips’ to a taster meal with one of the best chefs in Ireland! The one rule of Irish Feast is - come hungry!

Remember the Irish proverb: Laughter is brightest where food is served best. At Irish Feast, we serve the best of local foods in the most wonderful of places - your laughter will be the brightest of all.

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